Introducing the New PDC Couriers

Here at PDQ Couriers we are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new and improved website. The redesign of our website is worlds apart from our previous site that we felt had become outdated.

We dedicate ourselves to serving you guys as best as we can and so we felt a brand new website with plenty of great features was the option.

The guys behind the website are the team over at Blue Whale Media, they took our ideas and needs for a website and exceeded them in every way possible. They really took us under their wing (or should we say fin) and managed to exceed them in every way.

The end result for us is a great looking website that accurately reflects the professional courier service that we deliver day in day out.

So what’s great with our new website?

A Brand New Look for PDQ Couriers

Gone are the days of our one page, static website. Now we have a dynamic, multi pages site that allows users to navigate through the various services that we offer.

We now have a website that engages users to read about our services by being well formatted and full of great information.

Fully Mobile and Google Friendly!

In the past our website was not what you would deem to be ‘mobile friendly’. This mean that visitors on mobile phones and tablets had an impaired experience.

However, our new website is now fully mobile and Google friendly, this means that if you visit our page from a desktop computer, a laptop, a phone or any other device-the experience is not impaired.

User Friendly Navigation  

To make your life simpler, we have made sure that everything on our website is easy for you to find.

We have a useful navigation bar with tabs to all of our pages and services. The home redesign and the introduction of new directional buttons and links makes for better site navigation.

Full Social Media Integration

Our website is now fully integrated with our social media channels. This means that when you head over to our website, you can jump onto our Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels with just the click of a button.

Updates to Our Services

PDQ Couriers has changes over the years and so we have decided to update all of the services.

We now dedicated pages to all of our services including same day delivery and even a page that tells you exactly how we calculate costs.

We have also included easy contact forms so that you guys can get in touch with us easily.

We love our new website and hope you do to, we welcome any feedback you might have!